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No date is worth chancing a relapse. Some choose to only date other sober people, and I completely understand that decision. I have spoken to sober people who have discussed how it can feel triggering for them to kiss someone who has been drinking, as their mouth might literally taste like alcohol.

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I have friends in recovery who believe that only another sober person will be able to understand their emotional needs based on that shared experience of overcoming addiction. And while I am open to dating people who drink, I could never date someone who drinks heavily, because it would just make our lives too incompatible, and would remind me of a part of myself I chose to leave behind. The more confidently you communicate your sobriety, the less of a big deal it is to the other person.

Being sober does not make people less fun or interesting, it makes them learn to be themselves, all the time.

Where do you meet gay people to date?

If anyone thinks you are less attractive because you are sober, then they are simply not worth your time. Go for a hike, go for a walk, go to the beach, go to the movies, go to a museum, go to coffee. Do whatever will make you feel comfortable. I have dealt with people who got awkward, or who almost seemed to get agitated; I have dealt with people who seemed to make it about themselves, and I have dealt with people who seemed judgmental.

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The app does have filters and ways to customize your profile. Many people trying to stay sober often find that access to meetings is a problem. Many people find themselves in Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, only after getting a DUI and losing their license. Sober Grid helps solve that problem.

"It's a Little Like Coming Out," a Lesbian Friend Said

It helps make carpooling easy. That means the user is, well, ready to use, and therefore needs help and support from others. Many users on the app already are posting about how much they love it. They say the app is a good replacement at times for Facebook, which can be habit-forming in and of itself.

Indeed, something related to the drama that causes one to drink or use can roll into their news feed at any time.

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Gay and Newly Sober: 3 Ways To Get Grounded in Your Recovery

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